Ussher Society Annual Conference 2015


The Ussher Society 54th Annual Conference was held at the Redcliffe Hotel, Paignton, 2nd – 5th January, 2015. This 3-day conference for earth and environmental scientists working in South-West England and related areas, which was organized by Jenny Bennett and Richard Scrivener, had two days of presentations plus a field excursion, and addressed Variscan Geology, Mesozoic topics, Quaternary deposits and Cornubian granites and mineralisation. Oral and poster presentations were given on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of January, and a field excursion to explore geological and engineering aspects of the Torbay coast, led by Richard Gould, Sarita McVicar Wright, and Richard Scrivener, took place on Monday 5th January.

The Scott Simpson Lecture was presented on Saturday 3rd January by Dr. Chris Cornford (Integrated Geochemical Interpretation Ltd) on the topic of Quantifying the Variscan – a basin modelling attempt.

The Conference Venue was the Redcliffe Hotel at Paignton, situated on the front overlooking Preston Sands.



Redcliffe Hotel




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