Oral presentations given at the 2006 Ussher Society conference, Bideford

  • The Scott Simpson Lecture: The United Plates of Europe - the Variscan explained
    Prof. Wolfgang Franke
  • Parish Geodiversity Audits in Devon: Raising awareness of local geodistinctiveness in the community
    Kevin N. Page
  • River Terraces of the South West and their Relevance to its Palaeolithic Archaeology
    L.S. Basell, A.G. Brown and R. Hosfield
  • Mid-Late Holocene Channel Change of the Exe River: Stability, Migration and Avulsion
    J A Bennett and A G Brown
  • Fresh evidence for geological evolution during the Variscan data from the new survey of the Newquay sheet
    L M Hollick, B E Leveridge, R C Scrivener, R K Shail and E Burt
  • Geothermic Variscan Front defined from oil drilling in Porcupine Trough, offshore West Ireland
    Chris Cornford
  • Nature and origin of the Great Perran Iron Lode, Perranporth area, Cornwall
    R. C. Scrivener, J. B. Grant, L. M. Hollick and C. W. Smith
  • Mineralization in the Mid Triassic
    Geoff Warrington
  • Minerals, mould and mining: Geological conservation at the Royal Cornwall Museum
    Jodie Fisher and Sara Chambers
  • The Wootton Bassett mud springs (Wiltshire, UK): an unusual Lagerstätten for Jurassic Foraminifera
    Malcolm B. Hart, Andrew S. Henderson, Clare L. Harrington and Tim Frayling
  • The geology of the hot springs at Bath Spa, Somerset
    R. W. Gallois
  • Bright Bovey borehole blaze casts new light on old problem
    Alan Cattell
  • Peter Orlando Hutchinson (1810-1897) and the geology of Sidmouth
    J D Mather and R F Symes
  • Geological fieldwork at the turn of the 20th Century: the photograph album of Howard Fox
    R C Scrivener (short contribution)
  • The Earth Science Centre - saltash.net community school
    Gordon Neighbour
  • Disused quarries in Somerset as a public resource
    Hugh Prudden
  • The Wheal Martyn Boulder Park
    C.M. Bristow and P.W. Scott
  • The GeoValue Project: Testing the Geodiversity Profile in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset
    Peter Scott, David Roche, Clive Nicholas, Robin Shail, Hugh Prudden and Peter Ealey
  • A case study in coastal erosion and management - Westward Ho! and Northam Burrows
    Peter Keene
  • Sedimentary facies changes across the marine-fluvial boundary - a new Holocene record from the River Taw valley, Devon, England
    G.M. Havelock, A.G. Brown and J.T.Jordan
  • The Development of Crow Point, Taw-Torridge Estuary, North Devon
    Deryck Laming
  • The Culm seams of North Devon - history of exploitation
    James Coulter
  • Biddi Black and its geological setting
    N.E. Butcher (short contribution)

"Case Histories in Earth Investigations" - Special Session of the Southwest Regional Group of the Geological Society, London

  • The Remaining Reserves of Libya - implications for Opec output
    D. D. Clark Lowes
  • Hydrocarbon exploration in the Dorset area
    Matt England, Paul Farrimond, Andrew Hindle et al.
  • Polar climate proxies: do they cut any ice?
    Steven Rowland, Simon Belt, Guillaume Masse and Michel Poulin
  • Regional radon distribution as a guide to uranium mineralisation in SW England
    C.J. Moon
  • Investigations of shallow mine workings at Horrabridge
    Richard Gould
  • Posters

    Protecting and Presenting the Jurassic Coast
    Richard Edmonds/Chris Pamplin

    The West Dorset fossil collecting code of conduct
    Richard Edmonds/Chris Pamplin

    The Cornubian Dinosaur Project
    Gordon Neighbour

    Gillan Creek, South Cornwall – anatomy of a small ria

    Some examples of small-scale folds in Somerset
    Hugh Prudden

    The evolution of the River Otter catchment, east Devon
    R. W. Gallois

    Thematic trails - booklets on place , time and landscape
    Peter Keene

    The stratigraphy of the Dunscombe Mudstone Formation (late Triassic) of south-west England
    R. W. Gallois

    A sedimentological and ichnological study of the Carnian arenaceous units of the Mercia Mudstone Group of south-west England
    Richard J. Porter & Ramues W. Gallois



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